The Hampton Improvement Association
P.O. Box 9735
Towson, MD 21284-9735

HIA Officers:

President – Open

Vice President – Open

Treasurer: Alan Moore

Secretary: Erin Narutowicz

Communications Officer: Jim Karcher

Board: 2010-2011

Kevin Burroughs

Neil Cohen

John Hellmuth

Larry Jenkins

George Jones

Susan Jones

Jim Karcher

Dwight Kines

Rae Ann McInnis

Alan Moore

Erin Narutowicz

Doug Ober

Lynda Thilly

Anna von Lunz


Your neighborhood can always use volunteer help. Please contact anyone on this page to offer your ideas or services.

Susan Jones
HamptonNEWS Editor

Justin Eyler
Web Site Management

Rae Ann McInnis,
in charge of many things…

Anna Von Lunz, Chairperson,
Architectural Review Committee