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From Hampton…to “Hampton South”

A young friend said that she could not understand why going to a retirement community would be such a big deal. She said that she and her good friends went to college at age 18 and stayed in a college dorm together.  “Isn’t it pretty much the same thing?”, she asked.  Bonds of friendship still connect a group of 18 former residents of Hampton who moved to Edenwald over the past ten years.  Some call Edenwald “Hampton South”.

Many were original residents of Hampton. Two weeks ago, Mary Katherine Scheeler, who still writes for the Towson Times, invited us to visit 12 of the “Hampton South” residents to talk about the bridge of memories that connect them with their days in Hampton, and their lives today in this beautiful continuing care retirement community.

Starting bottom right & to the right: Bill Tabeling, Mary Ellen Pease, Jean Farrell, Tom Farrell, Bettie Tabeling, Nancy Kiehne (background), Eleanor Conkwright, and Dr. Edward Klohr

With me were Mary Ellen Pease, Mary Katherine’s daughter-in-law and former HIA board member, and Kate Groom, who was raised in Hampton at the charming house one-in from the corner of Dulaney Valley Road on St. Francis Road. She and her husband and their four children moved to Aintree Road about seven years ago.

Moving once or twice within Hampton, sometimes with two generations in the Hampton Community, is not an anomaly.  Both Nancy Kiehne, and Bob and Eleanor Conkwright still have children and grandchildren in Hampton.

In 1966, Thomas and Jean Farrell moved from the one home that they could find on the market to accommodate their five children — high up at the top of 905 Stone Barn Road — and later moving to 709 Hickory Lot, living there until 1999.  After a brief time at Belmont Forest in May’s Chapel, they moved to Edenwald.

Sharing a bond of friendship was not the only link.  Charles and Mary Katherine Scheeler shared a dog with Hazel and Edwin Talbott, who were inaugural members of the pool. Hazel was the piano teacher of many Hampton residents as well.  She and her husband, Edwin, lived at 1314 Dove’s Cove Road (A).  It seems that the Talbott’s owned a dog named Peggy, who became very interested in the Scheeler’s house while it was under construction at 714 Seminary Avenue (B) in 1972.  Every day, Peggy would arrive in the morning with the workers, and stay until afternoon, returning home to the Talbott’s. The Scheeler’s and their three children — who still live in Hampton — began to feed Peggy and fell in love with her.  The Talbott’s children were a bit older than the Scheeler’s. It was decided between the two families, that Peggy could come and go as she pleased between both houses to her own contentment.  This splendid arrangement continued until Peggy became very sick, and both families decided that it was sadly time to let her go.

Mrs. Hazel Talbott

All of the residents loved the streams, walks, gardening.  Dr. Edward Klohr lives at Edenwald with his wife, Louise.  He and Louise moved to 1203 Dove’s Cove Road in Hampton in 1965.  He reports the neighborhood children used to want to ride their bikes across a stream to go to the swimming pool.  So he built a bridge to allow them to make the trip safely through the woods to avoid street traffic.

Bettie and Bill Tabeling, who lived at 1404 Ellenglen, recalled some of the difficulties in putting in new sewer systems.  Hampton has much rock underground, and blasting caused such reverberations and installation difficulties, that work stopped, according to the Tabelings. Many of the homes here are still on private septic systems.

Bob and Elle Conkwright

Bob Conkwright and his wife moved from New York to Hampton in a house on Margarette Avenue in 1963, raising their two children there.  Bob served as the head of Hampton’s architectural committee for years.  Many years later, Bob became a widower, and turned to his friend Ron Porterfield, HIA President.  Ron arranged a blind tennis date between Bob and Elle (pronounced “Ellie”), also a widow and Hampton resident who lived on St. Francis Road for 23 years.  Love match.  This January 17th, they will have been married 13 years.  And Elle’s daughter, Courtney, recently relocated here from Providence, Rhode Island. Bob’s son, Bob Jr., lives on Milldam Road. His daughter Jan lives on Woods Hole Road.

Kate Groom and Nancy Kiehne

Nancy Kiehne used to live at 1310 Aintree Road.  She talked about the beautiful view that she enjoys overlooking Goucher Woods. Her parents had wanted her to attend Goucher during World War II when it was an all girls’ school. She reported wanting no part of that at the time, but finds it a beautiful place to be now.  She attends concerts, classes and events regularly at Goucher with a bus from Edenwald providing transportation to its residents.  Nancy knows a thing or two about the arts.  She has often exhibits her paintings, giving part of the proceeds to help the SPCA.  A Spring 2011 show of Nancy’s paintings is planned at Edenwald.   See the Artist Contest post for one of Nancy’s paintings. Nancy and Hazel recalled the days when they and their late husbands, Ernie and Edwin, played bridge together weekly — for 40 years! Some things have not changed. She regularly gets together with her Hampton neighbors, having parties in her apartment.

Hampton South residents are still interested in the comings and goings in “Hampton North”.  They like to read the newsletter, and some were interested in finding it on line to peruse.  They give us all an oral history of our community and show how good friendships thrive through many of life’s changes. ~ Susan Jones

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